What’s an info schema?

The information schema is a read-only table in a relational database that contains metadata about the database. It is accessed using non-standard commands and behaves like a separate database, but cannot be modified. The information schema in a relational database is a separate table that documents information about the database itself. This background information covers […]

What’s a DB schema?

A database schema describes the structure and relationships of information in a database. It includes entities and tables, with primary and foreign keys used to express one-to-many relationships. Many-to-many relationships require special data modeling. There are standard conventions, but the design is up to the data modeler. Some DBMS systems can implement the design automatically. […]

What’s schema matching?

Schema matching is a technique used to merge complex databases by mapping similar aspects of each database into each other. It breaks the process into four stages: pre-integration, comparison, conformation, and merge. The goal is to automate and make the process more efficient. Schema matching is a technique used to merge two or more complex […]

What’s a concept schema?

A conceptual schema is a design pattern used to visually represent the structure of information in a database or computer system. It outlines entities, attributes, and relationships between them. It allows for higher-level organization and easier implementation of changes. It can also describe specific rules for the system. A conceptual schema is a design pattern […]

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