What’s shortbread?

Shortbread biscuits originated in Scotland and have been a traditional part of tea time since medieval times. They are made from flour, butter, cornstarch, and sugar, and can be enhanced with ingredients like vanilla, citrus zest, cherries, and nuts. Queen Mary of Scotland preferred her shortbread in a triangular style called petticoat tails. Precise measurements […]

What’s Shortbread Millionaire?

Millionaire shortbread is a high-fat, unleavened sweet made with layers of caramelized milk, condensed, and chocolate. Shortbread biscuit is made from flour, sugar, and butter. Caramel is made from sugar heated to a syrupy or taffy-like consistency, and chocolate topping is made with melted sweet and sour or semi-sweet baking squares. Additional ingredients can be […]

What’s vegan shortbread?

Vegan shortbread cookies are made without butter and use vegan butter alternatives. The dough is made with sugar, flour, salt, and vegan butter, then rolled out and cut into shapes before baking. Toppings like sugar or vegan chocolate can be added. Vegan shortbread cookies are a type of dessert cookie made to mimic traditional shortbread […]

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