Stair safety in construction?

Stairway accidents are a major cause of injuries in construction, with over two million emergency room patients in the US and 300 deaths in Canada each year. Proper training and maintenance can prevent accidents, including falls, collisions with power lines, and tripping. Employers should adopt safety policies to reduce accidents and fatalities. Knowledge of stair […]

What’s a stair line?

Ladder line is a type of transmission cable used in radio frequency transmission, with windows of material pulled out of the insulator to reduce signal loss. Open wire line is similar, but with equally spaced insulators. Ladder line has advantages over two-conductor lines, but can be difficult to set up and is prone to interference. […]

Best stair climbing workout?

Assess your fitness level before starting a stair climbing workout. Start slowly and stay within a safe level of exertion. Consider exercising at home if you have stairs. Wear supportive shoes, stay hydrated, and warm up before beginning a workout. To choose the best stair climbing workout, the most important thing is to assess your […]

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