Wine tasting terms?

Wine tasting involves evaluating wine quality, aging potential, commercial value, complexity, and character. Tasting terms describe the look, smell, taste, and feel of wine, including specific flavors such as butter, cherry, coffee, and tobacco. Wine tasting is an art, a pleasure and for some an occupation. Professional wine tasters make their living evaluating wine quality, […]

How to host a wine tasting party?

Planning a wine tasting party in advance is key to a successful event. Consider hiring a wine expert or sommelier, selecting a theme for the wines, providing drinking equipment and tasting notes, and pairing food with the wines. It’s important to have a large group of legal drinking age and encourage note-taking to remember favorite […]

What’s horizontal tasting?

A horizontal wine tasting compares wines produced in the same year or vintage, while a vertical tasting compares wines of different varieties and vintages from the same cellar. It’s important to provide palate cleansers and start with lighter wines first. Red wines should be allowed to breathe for at least 30 minutes and served at […]

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