Track Spikes: What are they?

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Track spikes are shoes with metal spikes that create traction on the track. They are used during competitions, but not during training. They should fit comfortably and be fitted by an experienced salesman. Metal spikes can be replaced when they become dull. Any brand of spike can fit any type of shoe.

Track spikes are special shoes that help runners grip the trail, stay on course during turns, and prevent injury on wet or slippery surfaces. They create traction between the runner’s foot and the track itself. Real spikes are pointed pieces of metal that are screwed into the bottom of your shoes with a special tool called a spike wrench. Metal spikes typically come in various lengths, depending on the type of running or jumping they are to be used for. When the metal tips break or become dull, they can be removed and replaced with new ones.

Track studs are usually worn during competitions, but not during training. During the warm-up and practice runs, regular running shoes are normally worn to avoid unnecessary wear on the track spikes. While runners shouldn’t wear spikes, many athletic coaches recommend them because they can help keep feet in the correct position and help athletes run in the best shape possible. Pitchers, or athletes who compete in the shot put or discus, sometimes wear spikes while training so they can fine-tune their form and avoid wearing regular shoes during rigorous workouts. Track athletes don’t usually need a different pair of track spikes for each event, although long-distance spikes can offer more cushioning, stability, and traction than those designed for sprinters, which are extremely lightweight and built for speed.

Trail spikes should fit comfortably enough, but not tight. They usually run slightly narrower and smaller than regular running shoes. For this reason, many athletes will purchase spikes a half size larger than their normal shoe size. Trail spikes usually come in men’s sizes, so women sometimes buy a half size down from their usual women’s size. It is generally best if the track studs are fitted in a specialist running shop with the help of an experienced running shoe salesman. Trainers should normally be worn with thin socks that are the correct size and have a built in heel, as opposed to bulky tube socks.

Real metal spikes have universally designed threads that screw into the bottom of your shoes, so any brand of spike can fit any type of shoe. A spike wrench that comes with the shoes is used to install and tighten each spike by turning it clockwise. Removing the spikes is done the same way, except in a counterclockwise motion. The spike wrench is operated in much the same way as a regular wrench, although a household wrench is not usually recommended for rail spikes.

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