Turkish Pickle: What is it?

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A turkey brine is a mixture of salt, sugar, and spices that a turkey is soaked in before cooking to add flavor and keep the meat moist. The brine can be made with apple juice, cider, or beer, and should be prepared at least eight hours before cooking. The brine can be used for other white meats and birds, but may cause the skin to not crack during cooking.

A turkey brine is a brine that a turkey is immersed in before cooking. The brine lends more flavor to the turkey and can also be used with other white meats such as chicken and pork, as well as birds such as goose. Brining is often recommended for meats that tend to overcook, as this will keep the meat moist while adding flavor. While a turkey brine can take several days to prepare, some cooks find it worth the wait.

The brine itself should contain one cup of salt (180 grams) and one cup of sugar (190 grams) for every gallon (3.8 liters) of water. Additionally, many people add spices that are meant to enrich the flavor. Some people use apple juice, cider, or even beer, as the liquid in a turkey imparts extra flavor. It is necessary to prepare enough liquid for the bird to be completely submerged.

The brine ingredients must be cooked together and refrigerated for at least eight hours before a chilled bird is slipped into the turkey brine. Then, the mixture should be chilled or packed in a cooler or bucket with ice and stored in a cool place. Many people like to start brining a turkey the night before planning cooking, or even the morning of cooking, depending on when the bird is scheduled to go to the oven, with at least four hours of brining needed and more than 12 potentially being problematic.

During the brining process, the brine seeps deep into the turkey, bringing flavors with it. It also denotes the proteins in meat, which helps them retain moisture. When the bird is cooked, it will remain moist and tender, and areas that often dry out, such as the breast, will remain moist even if they are slightly overcooked. This benefit of the turkey brine makes the turkey more likely to succeed. Also, a turkey brine will cut the cooking time by about half an hour.

The main disadvantage of a turkey brine is that the skin doesn’t crack during cooking, and in the case of deep-fried birds, the skin can turn black. Luckily, people can get the best of both worlds if they start the turkey brine in the morning before cooking, then take the turkey out in the evening and let sit uncovered under refrigeration overnight. This will allow the skin to soften well during the cooking process. Patting the bird after brining can also help.

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