What’s Beer Can Chicken?

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Beer Can Chicken is a recipe that involves using beer to cook a whole chicken on a grill or in an oven. The beer can is used to position the chicken and add flavor and moisture to the meat. The recipe is simple and requires only a few ingredients, including herbs and spices, vegetable oil, and a can of beer. The chicken is cooked for about 90 minutes and should be checked periodically to ensure it is not browning too quickly. The beer adds flavor and helps keep the meat moist while allowing the skin to cook to a crispy golden brown.

Also known as Beer in the Butt Chicken, Beer Can Chicken is a process that involves using beer as not only one of the ingredients in the recipe, but also using the beer can itself to position the entire chicken for the process of cooking. Beer Can Chicken is usually prepared on a covered grill, but it can also be cooked in the oven. The chicken recipe produces poultry that is thoroughly cooked to the bone, is crispy on the outside, yet is plump and juicy on the inside.

To start the cooking method, you need to assemble all the ingredients. Beer Can Chicken is a very simple recipe that calls for a whole chicken that has been plucked, washed and patted dry. For condiments, all you need is a blend of herbs and spices to create a rub. The vegetable oil acts as a medium to help the rub adhere to the surface of the chicken. To complete the ingredient list, you need a twelve-ounce can of beer.

Along with the ingredients in Beer Can Chicken, it’s usually recommended to soak two cups of wood chips in water for about an hour before cooking begins. These chips will be placed in the grill along with the charcoal and sprinkled with some of the beer as part of the brewing process.

For best results with Beer Can Chicken, it is recommended that you remove any fat found in the cavities of the chicken. A small amount of herbs and spices should be placed in the neck and body cavities. Apply most of the rest of the rub to the outside of the chicken after applying the vegetable oil.

Both beer and beer can play a part in the actual cooking process. A portion of the beer is poured over the coal-chip mixture. The remaining beer remains in the can. The final herbs and spices are added to the beer that resides in the can. As a final step, the opened beer can is placed in the cavity of the chicken.

The placement of the grilled chicken is very important. The legs of the chicken, together with the protruding beer can, form a type of tripod that allows the chicken to remain upright. Once the chicken is in place, the charcoal ignites and the grill is covered. Typically, chicken in a can is fully cooked in ninety minutes, although the chicken should be checked periodically to make sure the meat isn’t browning too quickly.

The presence of the beer in the Beer Can Chicken helps add another layer of flavor to the finished product. The beer also helps keep the meat moist while still allowing the skin to cook to a crispy golden brown. For people who’ve grown to love Beer Can Chicken, there’s no other way to grill chicken.

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