What’s a Grill Wok?

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A grill wok is a bowl-shaped device made of steel or aluminum that can be used to make stir-fried dishes on a gas or electric grill. It can be easily cleaned and dishes such as stir-fried vegetables and Beer Can Chicken can be prepared on it.

Sometimes referred to as a roaster wok or vertical roaster wok, the modern broiler wok is a great way to make stir-fried dishes on a gas or electric grill. Here are some facts about the construction of the wok grill, how to take care of the utensil and some dishes that can be prepared with this type of wok.

The typical grill wok is a large bowl-shaped device made of steel or aluminum. While some grill woks have no coating on the metal, others have a fired porcelain finish. Two handles attached to the sides of the body make it easy to transfer the wok grill from the kitchen counter to the heating medium. The body itself is perforated similar to a colander, which allows for more even heating throughout the bowl. Unlike a colander, the wok grill has no legs. Instead, the bottom of the wok is flat, like any pot or pan. Thus, the grill wok can easily be set to the wire shield which is usually located above the heating source for the grill.

A vertical wok grill features a chamber in the center that can be used to hold basting liquids, with the food arranged around the center chamber. The open-mouth design still makes it easier to rotate and mix the foods contained in the bowl, and the presence of the chamber allows you to maintain a constant temperature for the basting agent. This can be especially useful if the meats are being prepared in the wok of the grill, as it allows for quick basting of the outside of the meats, helping to keep the meat moist during the cooking process. If vegetables are also prepared along with the meat, the combination of meat juices and basting agent can enhance the flavor of the vegetables.

Woks for grilling or roasting are easy to clean. Simple dish soap and thick water will keep them in top condition. Since the wok grill is dishwasher safe, the utensil can also be easily placed in the dishwasher. Essentially, the grill wok can be cleaned just as easily as any stainless steel pot or pan.

Stir-fried dishes made with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas and onions are easily prepared on a wok grill. The addition of boneless strips of chicken or beef can also be added to the stir-fry and cooked to perfection. With the vertical wok grill style, a popular recipe in the United States is called Beer Can Chicken. This involves cooking boneless sections of chicken, while using beer to baste the outside of the pieces. Infusing the taste of beer with chicken juices can also be combined with onion flakes to make a tasty au jus to accompany chicken or be the basis for infusing vegetables with additional flavor.

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