Types of Plumbing Supplies?

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A plumber needs a variety of tools in their kit, including pipe cutters, pliers, wrenches, and drain cleaning tools. Adjustable and socket wrenches are essential, as are ribbed joint adjustable pliers. A tape measure and screwdrivers are also useful. A kneeler or kneepads can help prevent knee pain.

A plumber relies on a variety of plumbing equipment in his or her line of work. Within a plumber’s tool bag, you need to keep enough miscellaneous plumbing products to be able to fulfill multiple tasks on any given call. These plumbing supplies typically consist of a pipe cutter, tape measure, pliers, drain cleaning tools, and various wrenches.

Plumbers may keep a few different wrenches handy in their plumbing accessory bag, but the two they need the most are usually adjustable wrenches and socket wrenches. Adjustable spanners are used to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes. A pipe wrench is essential for gripping threaded pipes and connecting or removing fittings. Various sizes of both keys are available.

Pliers are also an invaluable tool in a plumbing supply kit. They are useful for tightening bolts and nuts on pipes. Often, ribbed joint adjustable pliers are preferred to accomplish these tasks, as they are capable of gripping objects of various sizes. Locking processes, such as those performed on pipes and bolts, can also be performed with a pair of locking pliers.

Pipe cutters are an essential part of a plumbing supply set. They are needed in the disassembly of copper and steel pipes that need treatment. Plastic pipe cutters may also be needed, especially when things like sprinkler pipes need to be cut.

No plumbing tool set would be complete without drain cleaning tools. Clogged drains are a very common problem that a plumber needs to fix. To do this, he usually uses a drain-clearing tool such as a toilet auger or pipe snake, sink plunger, plumbing bag, toilet plunger, or drain auger.

Sometimes a plumber may also require the use of a tape measure in his plumbing supplies. The length of a pipe run can be very important in treating a problem. Many plumbers choose retractable steel tape, although a carpenter’s tape measure will work too. Tape that extends several feet without requiring human support is ideal, particularly when dealing with tight-fitting pipes.

Screwdrivers are also useful for a plumber. They can be used to tighten and loosen faucet knobs and hose clamps. Screwdrivers are also useful for changing washers, taking apart appliances, and doing other tasks. While not necessary, a kneeler or kneepads can be helpful for a plumber. This can help prevent knee pain while kneeling at work.

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