What are Dinner Ticks? (24 characters)

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Dinner mints are small candies eaten after meals for fresh breath and sweet taste. Pastel-colored butter mints are classic, while peppermint and chocolate varieties are also popular. They are often served at special occasions and can be given as party favors or gifts.

Mints for dinner are small mint-flavored candies traditionally eaten after a meal. Mint is thought to act as a breath freshener, and the candy offers a sweet taste that many people enjoy after dinner. Dinner mints are not usually served in people’s homes on a regular basis, but are mostly offered on special occasions. Most restaurants usually place the bill, or bill, on the table with several complimentary dinner mints surrounding it.

The classic type of dinner mint is pastel colored in pink, yellow and green and white and can be called a butter mint. Pastel dinner mints can be round and rather flat or small and square with rounded corners. These delicately colored mints can look great when placed in small bowls and highlighted when coffee is served at a dinner party. Pastel and white mints are also popular at weddings and can also be presented as party favors in mesh fabric squares or in small containers.

Peppermint candies are sometimes eaten as dinner mints and are usually large, white, and round, but can come in other sizes, shapes, and colors such as green. Mint-flavored hard and shiny candies are usually wrapped in cellophane. Chocolate dinner mints come in many different sizes and shapes and can be wrapped in foil. They can be round or square pieces of chocolate with a creamy mint filling or they can have multiple layers of chocolate and mint.

Chocolate types of dinner mints are often enjoyed at other times of day and eaten as candy rather than dinner mints. Mint and chocolate desserts like mint chocolate chip ice cream can be garnished with some after-dinner mints. Some chocolate dinner mints are shaped like spoons or form into sticks filled with mint and liqueur flavoring. These types are meant to be enjoyed with coffee and/or dessert.

Belgian chocolate dinner mints can be very elegant. Some are even embossed with elaborate designs. Beautifully packaged boxes of Belgian Chocolate Dinner Mints can make perfect hostess gifts.

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