What are hydration systems? (29 characters)

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Hydration systems are used by athletes, including cyclists, runners, and hikers, to maintain hydration while keeping their hands free. They consist of a backpack with a bladder filled with water and a tube with a bite valve. Bladders come in different sizes, and backpacks have various colors and pockets.

Hydration systems are tools used by athletes, especially cyclists, to help maintain the correct level of hydration in the body. Race car drivers also typically use hydration systems, as do runners, speed walkers, and other athletes who may need to rehydrate while keeping their hands free. In addition to athletes, people who enjoy hiking also use hydration systems, as they help keep the body hydrated by allowing the hiker to use their hands to step over obstacles.

To help keep an individual hydrated, hydration systems are attached to the body and provide the person with a constant source of water. The most typical method of attaching hydration systems to the body is by storing them inside a special backpack. A component called a bladder, which is filled with water, is placed inside. The backpack is designed to allow a tube to exit the backpack while remaining closed and securely holding the bladder inside. These backpacks also contain flaps that prevent rainwater from entering.

The tubing used with hydration systems contains a bite valve at the end opposite the bladder. The user can easily turn the bite valve on or off by applying pressure with the mouth. Once the pressure is released, the liquid flow stops. At the bladder end of hydration systems, the tube is located near the bottom. This helps ensure that nearly all of the water is easily accessible with the hose.

Bladders are available in a variety of sizes for hydration systems. While it is important to purchase hydration systems large enough to hold adequate amounts of water, the user must also consider the weight of the full bladder and the stress it will place on the back and shoulders during transportation. Therefore, it is best to purchase hydration systems with bladders large enough to hold the desired amount of water, but small enough to be carried comfortably. Hydration system backpacks come in a variety of colors and styles. Some contain several small pockets, which can be used to carry other essential items such as snacks or camping gear.

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