What are mechatronics?

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Mechatronic systems integrate sensors, circuits, and motion components to build reliable and less expensive machinery. They are used in automation, robotics, and small-scale power generation systems. Microcomputers, microprocessors, and sensors are integrated into mechatronic systems. Employment in mechatronics requires knowledge in electronic, mechanical, control engineering, and information technology.

Mechatronic systems are devices that have fewer mechanical parts due to the integration of sensors, circuits, and motion components such as actuators. Hydraulic servo motors, wire drives, robots, and even logic-controlled washing machines are examples of such devices. Mechatronics combines various engineering disciplines, including mechanics, computer science, control, and electronics, to build more reliable and less expensive machinery. Circuits and other information technology components often aid in the precise control of such products.

Companies specializing in mechatronic systems often produce machinery for automation and robotics. Some of them can build high-tech aircraft systems or small-scale power generation systems. Miniature motors and actuators that integrate into motion control systems are also typically included in the category. Some magnetic actuators can produce motion on a microscopic scale, which is often useful in manufacturing integrated circuits or other small components.

Small motors are also mechatronic systems that can last a long time and be powerful enough to be used in industrial settings. Some piezoelectric motors are suitable for small medical devices and laboratory automation systems. Others can be integrated into microscopes, digital imaging systems and machines used to produce circuits. Sensors made for cars are a form of mechatronics, as are ultrasonic processors integrated into industrial cutting, welding and dispersing applications.

Microcomputers are usually integrated into mechatronic systems, along with microprocessors and sensors. Most systems rely on signals to be transmitted, based on external feedback such as temperature or position, to a communication component. A central processing unit and software often use mathematical functions to create a signal which is sent to a signal conditioner. In a feedback module a signal proportional to the output can be produced and transmitted in a unit of measure where it is compared with the original external signals.

Mechatronic systems are typically those that can respond and react to the external environment on their own. They are sometimes expensive to manufacture and purchase, and the complex array of parts can lead to failures. The availability of mechatronics jobs has been on the rise in many places since the turn of the 21st century. Employment in the field usually requires knowledge in electronic, mechanical and control engineering as well as information technology. Higher education, at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level, or a certificate is generally important; a career may focus on a specific aspect of engineering, management, or software development.

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