What’s Mechatronics?

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Mechatronics combines mechanical and electrical engineering with computer science and mathematics. It has applications in various fields and is rapidly evolving. Graduates can have successful careers in aerospace, robotics, defense, automotive manufacturing, and more. Mechatronic devices are ubiquitous and can be found in various industries, including medicine, entertainment, and toys. Constant learning and skill refinement are necessary to fully utilize the discipline’s potential.

The term “mechatronics” comes from the words “mechanics” and “electronics” combined. It combines the traditional fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, fused together with computer science or computer science and mathematics. The application of mechatronics in daily life ranges from energy systems to transportation; optical telecommunications to biomedical engineering, along with a long list of related disciplines. It was coined by Tetsuro Mori, a Japanese engineer at Yasukawa Electric Company, in 1969.

Mechatronic systems exist in almost every scientific, mechanical or industrial field, and there seems to be no limit to the future of this discipline. The development of robotic systems, implants in the human body to improve physiological functions and other technologies can improve human knowledge and life. The field has long been popular in Japan and Europe and, since the 2000s, has been slowly gaining academic and industrial acceptance as a scientific and practical field in the United Kingdom in the United States

Those who study or complete an industry degree can have careers in a broad spectrum of industries. Career opportunities in this emerging and rapidly evolving discipline exist in both the private and public sectors. Graduates can have successful careers in aerospace, robotics, defense and automotive manufacturing, food processing, space systems, modern industrial systems, manufacturing, sales and manufacturing of engineered products, information technology, and even business.

A person with a degree in this discipline can contribute greatly as a software engineer, project manager, designer, designer, or design engineer. Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that mechatronic engineers have had excellent job opportunities. Furthermore, the demand for highly skilled professionals possessing multidisciplinary skills, combined with knowledge of mechanical and electronic systems, could continue to grow.

Products considered mechatronic devices or smart devices have become ubiquitous. Engineers can use their services for companies that develop, design, manufacture and market these smart devices. People make use of these devices, often without even being aware of the field of mechatronics. Some of these smart devices include computer disk drives, robots, copiers, robots, dryers, and windshield wipers.

These mechatronic devices can be found in industries such as agriculture, medicine and surgery, homes, buildings, automobiles, entertainment and the toy industry. The products can also be used as aids for the disabled and the elderly. As a highly dynamic and multifaceted discipline, students and teachers need to be constantly aware of new academic discoveries and regularly update and refine their skills in order to fully exhaust the discipline’s possible contributions to humanity.

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