What to consider when buying weights?

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When buying weights, consider durability, size, portability, maximum weight, comfort, and price. Cheaper plastic sets may wear out, while cast iron lasts longer. Adjustable or plastic dumbbells are good for small spaces, while no-hybrid weight machines offer more functionality. Portable dumbbells can be filled with sand or water, but may not last long. Some weights are adjustable, and rubber grips can be more comfortable. Prices range from $20 to thousands of dollars, so choose based on your needs.

When shopping for a set of weights, there are a few things to consider: durability, size, portability, maximum weight, comfort, and price. These sets can range from very inexpensive ones, which can hold only a small scale of weight, to ornate sets made of the highest quality metals with easily customizable amounts of weight.
One of the first things to look at in a set of weights is how long you want it to last and how durable it is. A number of cheaper plastic sets are available, filled with sand or other material for weight. While this offers its benefits, it will no doubt wear out over time and eventually become unusable. Conversely, a traditional set of cast iron weights will last as long as you do and will take any abuse you give it.

Size can also be an important factor to consider when purchasing a set of weights. If size isn’t an issue and you want fully functional weights, one of the no-hybrid weight machine sets might be an ideal purchase. While this takes up a large amount of permanent floor space, it also offers the ability to work a wide range of muscle groups and to switch freely between machine weights and free weights. If, on the other hand, size is very important, you can consider a set of adjustable or plastic dumbbells, which can easily fit in a suitcase or under a bed.

Portability is another consideration, particularly for those who want to take their set of weights with them when they travel. For most people, the only manageable thing to travel with is a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells, however, can be quite heavy to carry around with you any great distance. There are, however, dumbbell systems that attempt to solve this problem with a removable weight. These dumbbells tend to be hollow shapes of rigid plastic, which can be filled with sand or water when they arrive at your location. This makes them light to travel with, yet able to be weighted down once you’re ready to lift. This type of weight set, however, isn’t very durable and shouldn’t last more than a few years.

The flexibility of weight that a set of weights can accommodate is another thing to consider. Most barbell systems allow you to add additional weight, and you can purchase extra iron plates if you need more weight than what’s included in the set. Many dumbbells have a fixed weight, but adjustable dumbbell systems are available at a slightly higher cost. These dumbbells are ideal for those who want to build muscle through single arm exercises, but don’t have room for fifty dumbbells of different weights.

Traditionally, most weight sets have been very uncomfortable, with smooth iron that could slip when wet, or textured or chromed iron that could wear away the leather over time. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to wearing gloves or just dealing with abrasion. Many weights now have rubber grips that allow for a very secure grip while being softer on the palms than metal.

Finally, price is always a determining factor in purchasing a set of weights. Simple dumbbell sets can range from US$20 to US$70, barbells from US$30 to US$250, and complete bench systems from US$200 to thousands of dollars for high-end weight machine systems. A cheaper set is often just as durable as a more expensive set, but with fewer frills and customization potential. It is therefore important to decide what features you will need with your set of weights and choose the most affordable and attractive set that fits your needs.

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