What’re hole diggers?

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Post hole diggers are tools used for digging small to moderate sized holes for landscaping and agricultural purposes. They are manually or hydraulically operated, with hand-operated diggers being designed for household use and hydraulic excavators for larger applications. Costs vary depending on size and functionality, and they can be rented from home improvement stores.

A post hole digger is a tool designed to quickly and efficiently dig small to moderate sized holes for various landscaping, agricultural, and other practical applications. Post hole diggers are useful for digging multiple holes, such as for fence posts and post holes where the heavy equipment is too large to use and the shovels would require too much work. While there are a variety of tools, including some augers, that fall into the category of post hole diggers, they are manually or hydraulically operated.

A hand-operated hole digger has two handles that each resemble the handle of a shovel. At the end of each handle is a curved head in the shape of a blade. One person drives the digger into the ground with the blades apart, then spread the handles apart, bringing opposite heads together, scooping up the dirt for removal to create a hole. A post hole digger is much faster and more accurate than a shovel for someone with skill and strength. A hand-operated hole digger is designed for various landscaping and household uses.

A hydraulic excavator is designed for larger applications such as agriculture. While some are freestanding, there are a variety of hole diggers and augers designed to attach to equipment. A three-point excavator is an example of a hydraulically powered excavator or auger that attaches to a tractor.

The dimensions and features of a backhoe excavator vary greatly depending on the intended use. A bulb planter is the smallest example of a hole digger. Designed much like hand-operated hole diggers, a bulb planter also works the same way and is made to quickly create many small holes for spring and fall planting. Hydraulically operated larger pile hole diggers that attach to the equipment also have various features to suit a variety of purposes.

The cost of purchasing a backhoe excavator varies according to size and functionality and can range from as little as $5.00 to several thousand dollars. Post hole diggers are also a tool that can be rented from home improvement and tool rental stores for those who only have a temporary need for it.

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