What’re skiboards?

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Skiboards are half the length and twice the width of traditional skis, sold by companies like Salomon. The sport is fun and easy to learn, compared to inline skating and allows for a wide variety of terrains and tricks. Skiboards work with most ski and snowboard boots and are also used in freestyle skiing.

Skiboards are equipment used in the winter sport of skiboarding, which was introduced in the early 1990s. Boards resemble skis, although they are usually about half the length of traditional skis and twice the width. Skiboards are sold by a number of American and European companies, including Salomon, who market the boards under the trade name Snowblades. For this reason this sport is sometimes mistakenly called snowblading.

The sport is immensely popular with its followers, many of whom advertise it as much more fun than other snow sports. On a skiboard, you can ski deep snow, maneuver through wooded areas, tackle moguls or small bumps in the ski course, and tear through snow like snowboarders do. They are also easy for most individuals to learn, including those who are new to snow sports.

Skiboarding is sometimes compared to inline skating, and many inline skaters have picked up skiboards for winter fun. For this reason, it is sometimes called a transitional sport, appealing to both winter sports enthusiasts and skaters. The sport allows athletes to tackle a wide variety of terrains and perform tricks including turns and complex flips. These boards are welcome on most ski runs and even share space in the half pipe with snowboarders.

Skiboards resemble short, fat, twin-tip skis in design. They are angled at both ends to allow the skier to move forward or backward easily. Most boards also have a slight hourglass shape that allows the athlete to carve the snow. Most snowboarders use fixed bindings like snowboarders and usually don’t even carry ski poles.

Skiboards work with most conventional ski and snowboard boots. Some boards are designed to work with hiking boots for back country expeditions, so hikers can easily switch to and from skis. Boots should be comfortable while still allowing for freedom of movement and a fully upright position. It’s also important to make sure that the heel is stable in the boot and doesn’t slip or lift with the skier’s movement.

Skiboards are also used in freestyle skiing, because they allow for a large range of motion. Freestyle skiers usually enjoy playing with these boards as well as conventional skis. Most people who pick up a pair of skiboards find themselves coming back to the sport, in part because it’s easy to learn and skiers of all skill levels quickly become comfortable on skiboards.

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