What’re spirit fingers?

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Spirit fingers are a movement where hands are brought to the face with fingers extended, often in a jerking motion. They can be used for stretching and renewing fingers, or as a spiritual practice. The term can also refer to someone who claims to provide spiritual healing or who is a medium.

The term spirit fingers may come from the idea of ​​jazz hands, used in musicals such as Fosse. The movement brings the hands to the face with the fingers extended, often in a jerking motion. Fingers may or may not move, but spirit fingers definitely do. They are often performed with arms extended instead of hands at face level, with hands held stiffly and fingers flailing and wriggling in a controlled form. The hands seem to glow with “spirit” when the move is made.

Another use of spirit fingers can occur even if you are not a cheerleader. If you spend all day in front of the computer, occasionally taking breaks to stretch your hands and arms can help you renew your fingers for more typing. While extending your arms and keeping your fingers unbent, try a little spirit finger action for a few seconds to give your hands a different rest and positioning. Of course, given the humorous nature some people see in this gesture, you could try this move in a private area or it might elicit a few laughs. On the other hand, you can start a spiritual finger revolution in your office, which could be fun for all involved and lighten your day.

There are a few other definitions of this term that have nothing to do with cheerleading. Spirit fingers can literally mean someone who has “spirit-possessed” or “spirit-controlled” hands. Such a term could occur with someone who claims to provide spiritual healing or who is a medium.

A further definition may include the practice of lying down with your elbows resting on the floor (or bed or sofa) and palms facing up. Often performed while people are listening to music, a person simply closes their eyes and allows their fingers to move as the spirit wills them. This is not necessarily an occult practice, but can instead focus on meditating to music and allowing the body to express its movement as it sees fit.

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