What’s a 52 card withdrawal?

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The 52-card withdrawal is used as a joke or to teach kids to clean up after a game. It can also be used in singles events as a way to break the ice and ask questions. In the joke version, cards are thrown and picked up, while in the productive version, cards are collected and counted. In singles events, participants receive a deck of cards to distribute with questions or appointment requests.

The withdrawal of 52 cards has several meanings. It has long been used as a practical joke or a way to teach kids to clean up after a game of cards. It is also now used in singles events to help break the ice and let singles ask each other questions about the cards.

In the joke version, one person asks someone else if they would like to play 52 cards. If the person being asked is okay with a 52-card pick-up game, one can toss or throw the cards across the room and ask the other person to pick them up. This is a fairly old joke, so it’s likely that it will only work with young children.

Perhaps a more productive way to use the 52-card draw is to play at the end of several card games. If children are playing, this can help reinforce the notion that they need to clean up on their own. Instead of flipping the cards, simply let each child collect as many cards as possible.

Cards can then be counted and the person with the most cards wins. This version is also useful for making sure all cards fit in the deck. In fact, some children insist on playing a raucous game of collecting 52 cards to end an evening of cards.

Currently a 52 card pick-up version is used in singles events. It is essentially a pun, rather than a physical withdrawal of cards. Each single who participates in the event receives a deck of cards and can distribute it to other singles with simple questions. One could include a phone number or an appointment request. At times this version of the 52-card pick-up may have suggested pick-up lines to make scheduling an appointment easier.

Sometimes the cards can be exchanged more casually, but since many dislike blind dates, usually everyone picks potential dates. You can choose not to respond to a card with a 52-card pickup line, or you can make a possible hookup for future dates.

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