What’s a Bagger’s job?

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Supermarket baggers have various responsibilities, including bagging groceries, stocking shelves, and helping customers load their carts. They must work quickly and considerately, following guidelines to avoid damaging groceries. Baggers may also escort customers to their cars and help load groceries, making a good impression on customers. In smaller stores, baggers may also move inventory or shelves and participate in other tasks.

A supermarket bagger is an important part of many supermarkets. He or she may have a variety of jobs, depending on the store’s policy. Some people who work in bagging also stock shelves, for example, while others work primarily with a cashier to buy groceries in bags. Another thing that many baggers do is help customers out of the store and they can help customers load their carts with groceries.

Many teenagers and young adults take on positions as supermarket baggers, and this may imply that this field of work does not require as much skill. Good baggers argue that skill is really needed. Haphazardly putting things in bags, overfilling them to tear, or leaving customers with bad impressions in other ways is a separate problem. Essentially, any supermarket bagger who wants to keep their job needs to be quick and considerate in order to keep customers happy.

While the bagger must work with speed, he must also work within certain guidelines. Some things these supermarket workers need to avoid include packing chemicals like cleaning products with food, bagging raw meat with raw vegetables or fruit, and putting soft, easily bruised items (like bananas or tomatoes) underneath heavier items like Canned food. This behavior is likely to provoke complaints from people who may leave with damaged or unusable groceries. Some of the best baggers say they look at what’s being checked or call the cash register so they can form a plan for how to organize things in the most orderly way.

Several baggers also escort customers to their cars and help load groceries. When this is part of a bagger’s job, he becomes the ultimate store representative and the last person employed who can make a good impression on a customer; it might matter. To be more successful in this, the bagger is polite, helpful, patient and willing to listen to the customer’s conversation about anything. He or she may not exclaim in the dirt of a trunk or the back of a van, but simply loads the car as needed. In some areas, overturning of bags is common, so this form of politeness can be not only useful for the store, but also profitable.

In many smaller stores, a bagger can also move inventory or shelves, or occasionally help people stocking the store. This can occur during periods when there is little store traffic and little need to store groceries. The degree to which inventory is involved is highly dependent on individual stores. Sometimes baggers also participate in other things like cleaning up spills or checking prices.

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