What’s a cook band?

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Cooking bands, also known as kitchen rubber bands, are used to keep food from falling over while cooking or cooling. They are commonly used for cooking whole chickens or turkeys, adding items to pork loin or roast, and bundling vegetables. Cooking bands are made of flexible silicone and can be reused multiple times.

While many foods maintain a stable texture throughout the preparation process, there are some appetizers and other dishes that may require the use of a cooking band to prepare properly. Here is some information about the tie or cooking band, including some examples of when cooking bands can come in very handy.

Sometimes referred to as kitchen rubber bands, cooking bands can be used in ovens, refrigerators and freezers as part of the food preparation process. The purpose of the cooking band is to prevent food from falling over while cooking or cooling.

One of the more common uses of cooking bands has to do with cooking whole chickens or turkeys. The cooking band can be used to keep the wings and legs close to the main body of the chest cavity rather than spreading out during the cooking process. The result is that the ends of the bird are not overcooked to cook the main part of the carcass perfectly.

Adding an item to a pork loin or roast is another way cooking band can be used to its advantage. An example of this would be wrapping strips of bacon around a pork loin. Obviously, something is needed to help secure the bacon in place so that the drippings from the bacon permeate the pork loin as it cooks or broils. A cooking band will easily hold the bacon strips in place, ensuring they are crispy and the flavor of the bacon enhances the look and taste of the pork loin.

The cooking band can also be used with vegetables. For example, you can make a bundle of carrots or asparagus using a cooking band. These can then be placed in a broiler pan and cooked in the oven, or even cooked on a grill as a single unit, rather than a number of individual vegetables. This particular application of the cooking band allows vegetables to cook quickly and more evenly while retaining more of the vital nutrients that boiling would remove.

The typical cooking band consists of flexible silicone components that hold up very well to extended periods in the oven. Instead of throwing the ties after one use, they can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher along with other kitchen utensils. A good quality hob can be used for several years before they start to lose elasticity and need to be replaced. Different sizes of neckties are available in finer culinary stores and restaurant outlets.

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