What’s a Creative Copywriter’s Role?

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A creative copywriter writes advertising copy that persuades readers to take action, often working freelance with years of experience. They write persuasive descriptions of products and create personal connections with the target audience through product names. Education is less important than persuasive and creative communication skills, and they study past and current ads to improve their abilities.

A creative copywriter creates advertising or other copy that motivates readers or viewers to take action such as buying the product being advertised. He or she may work freelance from home, but usually has at least several years of experience first working in the creative department of an advertising agency. A creative copywriter should not just be artistic or inventive just for creative purposes, but communicate persuasive concepts in words that interest and compel the target audience to take necessary action.

For example, catalog writers are given a picture of an item to sell with words for customers to request. They only have a short space to convincingly describe the product. Many people mistakenly think that it’s the photograph more than the written description that makes people want to buy the product, but studies have shown that it’s persuasive words that can make the biggest difference in sales. A creative copywriter understands how to reach potential buyers by discussing the benefits of the item, how convenient or money-saving it is. He or she doesn’t just describe the item.

If the product is decorative or luxurious, such as jewelry, a few lines below the photograph of the piece describing the metal, gems, and all the details can lead people to order the item. However, if the creative copywriter can write about the jewelry in a way that makes every person who reads the copy feel that the piece is perfect for their needs and wants, then sales of the item are likely to go up a notch.

A personal connection with the target audience is why creative copywriters come up with product names. It can increase sales. For example, the same towel set might be called “Towel Set – Blue” or it might be marketed as “Blue Tropics Luxury Towel Set”. It’s hard for a shopper to feel any kind of emotional connection to the simple description, while tropical likely inspires images of a beach vacation at a luxury resort. Such pleasurable advertising communications can make a big difference in product sales.

While most advertising agencies these days want to hire creative copywriters, education and training are not as important as the ability to communicate persuasively and creatively. Creative copywriters who want a lasting career in advertising study copywriting on a daily basis. They spend a great deal of time improving their ability to communicate concepts directly to target audiences. A creative copywriter usually studies past and current ads, as well as reading copywriting books written by successful copywriters.

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