What’s a marketing copywriter’s role?

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Marketing copywriters write promotional copy for various mediums to promote products or services and compel target audiences to take desired actions. They may work in agencies or freelance, and must stay on top of societal trends and understand their target markets to write persuasive communication. Graphic designers add design elements to their copy, and senior art directors and marketing copywriters work together to manage a team of staff. Freelance copywriters have to prospect for new clients and may work from home, but getting high-paying clients can be a challenge.

A marketing copywriter writes promotional copy. He or she may work on advertising or direct mail campaigns or write Internet marketing copy. Marketing copywriters promote products or services to compel their target audience to take desired actions, such as purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or entering a sweepstakes.

Less experienced copywriters typically report to a senior copywriter, who will edit their work. Marketing copywriters often attend regular meetings and may meet with clients to discuss project ideas before pitching a concept. Marketing copywriters often do research, so the details in their copy are accurate and connect with their target audience.

Depending on the particular agency and its clients, a marketing copywriter may write brochures, advertisements, websites, direct mail packages, or many other types of promotional materials. He or she may write primarily print material or copy made for web or radio and television broadcasts. Marketing copywriters spend a lot of time thinking and playing around with different ideas. Many copywriters jot down their ideas and keep them in a file to use in future writing projects. A copywriter should always write words that connect strongly with the target audience; persuasive communication is expected daily from a marketing copywriter.

Learning new writing skills is something that many good marketing copywriters do on a regular basis. They must stay on top of societal trends and be able to understand how their target markets think and behave. Graphic designers add design elements to a marketing copywriter’s copy, such as different font sizes and photographs, to complete the ad, flyer, or other copy. Senior art directors and marketing copywriters work together and typically manage a team of staff while also reporting to a creative director.

Unlike a copywriter working at an agency, freelance marketing copywriters have to spend a lot of time prospecting for new clients. Copywriters working in agencies have their client work, but their freelance counterparts constantly have to get new clients to stay in business. Freelance copywriters are able to work from their homes in many cases, but getting high-paying clients can be a problem as most online writing jobs are usually short-term assignments that offer low wages. Spending time calling and meeting with potential clients in person is often a better option for a marketing copywriter with agency experience looking to freelance.

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