What’s a drawing bench?

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A drawing board is a tool used in metalworking and wireworking to cold work metal and wires using pressure instead of heat. It can transform flat metal pieces into various shapes and is used in the process known as wire drawing. The bench-shaped table can allow a worker to carve metal in seconds and is available in both personal and industrial sizes.

A drawing board is a tool used in metalworking and wireworking. The term can be used to describe a large, heavy machine used in factory settings as well as a personal bench used in small or home shops. The main use of the drawing bench is for cold working on metal and wires. Instead of using heat, the machine uses pressure to alter flat sheet metal to form shapes. These are often finished by the operator, who either saws the pieces to the desired measurements or smooths out any remaining burrs for a clean edge.

Used in the process known as wire drawing, the drawing bench allows a metalworker to stretch a piece of metal, wire, rod, or pipe. It can transform flat metal pieces into rounded tubes, pieces with bent corners or other shapes you need. Each die has a different metal working ratio and can reduce metal area by up to 20-50%.

The die is used by pushing the piece of metal or wire through a series of dies mounted on a die. Carried out at room temperature, this process allows the metalworker to alter both the flow and elongation of the metal. A motor is used to work the workpiece through a groove in the drawing table. From this serrated groove, metal, wire or tubing is pushed through the die, straightening the edges and shrinking the piece.

The bench-shaped table can allow a worker to carve metal in seconds. While often used at room temperature, it can also be used in a controlled environment at higher temperatures when working with larger or less flexible metals. One end of the table is usually equipped with a roller used to facilitate the passage of the piece mechanically. At the other end of the machine is a chain, or hook-like elements called a stripper or drawer, that pull the metal through the die.

Most often seen in home stores, the personal bench is approximately waist-high or can be a separate tool that bolts to an available table top. Personal benches are often sold with a pair of drawer tongs and a die, but you may need to purchase these items separately. Home benches can weigh up to 200 pounds (90.7 kg) and will have a maximum diameter of wire they can work. Industrial machines, by contrast, are much heavier and can process thicker diameters of raw metal.

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