What’s a driving range?

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A driving range is a place where golfers can practice their skills, with individual bays or stalls to hit balls at a target area. Some have separate areas for chipping and putting, and most have pro shops. They often use special “field balls” and are a good place to introduce kids to golf. They are usually open seven days a week.

A driving range is a specially designed area where golfers can practice and improve their skills. Some full golf courses have separate on-site driving ranges, but a greater number of driving ranges are stand-alone facilities. A driving range is set up with an area where golfers can line up in individual bays or stalls and hit their golf balls at the same target area.

At a driving range, the target area could simply be an open field with distance markers, or there could be actual target greens at staggered distances. Customers typically purchase pre-filled buckets of balls that are pre-sized and pre-priced. Many golfers regularly attend a driving range to work on their swing and range. For convenience, most driving ranges have covered bays or stalls, which avid golfers take advantage of when the weather takes a toll on their regular game.

Depending on the driving range structure, there may also be areas designated for working on chipping and putting skills. Nearly every driving range facility also operates a golf pro shop for convenient equipment purchases. Most driving ranges also use special “field balls,” which are harder than regulation playing balls and stand up to frequent and repeated use. Range balls are usually identified with a colored band around the center of the golf ball.

A driving range is also a great place to introduce kids to the sport of golf. Unlike miniature golf, the driving range allows children to play at full speed without tiring from a full round or halfway through. Driving golf balls is faster paced than a round of 9 hole golf and will hold the attention of younger players longer. Not to mention that you can pay close attention to the instruction without hindering other players.

Nearly every city has a driving range nearby, and a quick look at a telephone directory should bring up a few options. Most driving ranges hire drivers if you don’t have your own equipment or want to try different sized clubs. A large number of ranges are open seven days a week, but a quick phone call can confirm opening hours and any questions you may have before arriving at your local driving range.

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