What’s a golf swing analyzer?

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Golf swing analyzers help golfers improve their game by identifying swing errors and providing feedback. There are two types: simple home gadgets and sophisticated systems at golf clubs. They vary in price and can be purchased at pro shops or online. The more comprehensive systems use computer software to analyze swing biomechanics and provide feedback on body alignment, stance, hand position, and head movement. The golfer receives a video or CD and computer printouts with instructions on how to improve.

A golf swing analyzer is an electronic device designed to help golfers improve the mechanics of their golf game. Designed for golfers who want to improve their golf scores without spending hours on a golf course, these devices can draw attention to swing errors and provide feedback in an indoor environment.
There are two basic types of golf swing analyzers: simple home gadgets and sophisticated systems available at golf clubs. Golf swing analyzers can vary widely in price; a basic mechanism can cost a hundred dollars, while a golf center package that offers computer-generated analysis and instructions can cost several thousand dollars.

Simple home golf swing analyzers can be purchased at golf pro shops, specialty sporting goods stores, and on the Internet.
The most basic golf swing analyzer is a small electronic gizmo that can be attached to a club shaft. As the golfer swings the club, the golf swing analyzer records club speed and calculates a distance projection.

For more comprehensive feedback, home golf analyzers with sophisticated computer software packages are available. Directions vary by company, but in general, this is how they work:
The player records their swing on a video or digital camera.
This camera shake information is downloaded to a computer program.
Special computer software analyzes club head speed, club head path, and club face angle.
The computer predicts the distance and trajectory of the ball.
A computer program advises you to improve your swing. Some computer programs will provide a side-by-side comparison of the recorded swing to that of an “ideal swing.”

Golf centers offer the most comprehensive and expensive analysis systems. To start the analysis session, a golfer addresses a golf ball in a tee box (usually indoors). Normally, the tee box has artificial turf and a net to catch golf balls after they are hit. The golfer hits the net with a series of golf shots while a professional cameraman records the swing.

Just like in the home version, the swing is transformed into a computer image for evaluation. The software program analyzes the biomechanics of the golfer’s swing. In addition to standard swing information, a sophisticated golf analysis system provides feedback on body alignment, stance, hand position and head movement.

When purchasing a golf swing analysis package, the golfer will often receive a video or CD to take home, as well as computer printouts. Many golf centers provide instructions on how to improve any swing errors identified in the analysis.
Used wisely, a golf swing analyzer can help frustrated golfers hit the ball further more accurately and more consistently.

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