What’s a Caddy?

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Caddies assist golfers with equipment and provide advice on club use and strategy. They can walk with the golfer or use a golf cart. Different styles of caddying are used depending on event regulations or country club traditions. The fore-caddy walks in front of the golfer, while caddy cart involves the caddy depositing the golfer and then locating the shot.

Caddies are assistants who provide support to golfers throughout the game. While the usual approach is for the caddy to walk the course with the golfer, it has become increasingly common for the caddy to drive a golf cart to carry the golf bag and clubs along with the golfer from hole to hole. In addition to providing physical assistance with equipment, a caddy can also provide helpful hints about which club to use for a particular shot or suggestions about position and other aspects of the game.

The golf caddy is usually an employee of the country club or public golf course, rather than a private employee of the golfer. If so, golf carts may be assigned when the course is reserved or when the player arrives to begin play. Depending on event regulations or country club traditions, different styles of caddying will prevail.

For events sponsored by professional golfers’ associations, traditional caddying is the common form. This type of caddying involves golf caddies walking with golfers from hole to hole. The traditional caddy leaves ample time for the caddy and golfer to plan strategies for the next hole, examine club use, and other factors that may affect play.

The fore-caddy is a different take on the caddy role. Instead of walking with the golfer, the caddy walks in front of the golfer. This is useful because the caddy will move forward to locate the ball for the golfer, which helps keep the game moving. The caddy will also go ahead and make preparations for the next hole. By the time the golfer gets to the hole, the caddy has the tee set up and usually already has a recommendation on which club to use.

The third approach that a caddy may choose to use is referred to as a caddy cart. Essentially, the caddy will deposit the golfer into the correct hole, then proceed to locate where the shot landed. In this respect, cart caddying is a form of pre-caddying. The caddy will stay with the call until the golfer arrives and perhaps recommend a strategy for the shot.

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