Types of Golf Luggage?

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Golfers use different types of luggage containers depending on their needs. Tour bags are heavy and durable, designed to display sponsor logos and carried by a golf cart. Cart bags are smaller and require a cart, while carry bags are lightweight and meant to be carried by the golfer with straps and a stand.

Golfers use different types of luggage containers depending on how much they have to carry and whether or not they are on tour. A common type of golf luggage used by professional golfers is referred to as a tour bag. These bags have room for sponsor information and can hold almost any golf accessory a professional golfer could want. The second largest type of golf bag is called a cart bag, and while it’s not as roomy as a tour bag, it’s large enough that you’ll usually need a golf cart to comfortably carry it around. Finally, a carry bag is lightweight and not as roomy as previous cases, but is designed to be carried comfortably and sometimes includes a tripod-like device so it can stand in the field.

Tour bags are golf luggage containers often used on professional golf tours and designed to display a golfer’s sponsor logo, name and colors. This type of golf luggage is typically made of heavy, durable material and is sized to fit everything a golfer might need. These bags are rarely carried by the golfer due to how heavy they are when full. They are most often operated by a golf cart and transported across the green mostly with a golf cart.

In general, the dimensions of trolley bags are only surpassed by travel bags. Like tour bags, these golf bags are not designed to be carried by hand and are likely to remain on a golf cart or in the care of a caddy on the green. One difference between this golf luggage container and a tour bag is that a cart bag isn’t necessarily designed for professional tours and typically doesn’t have the bulky designs that work well for displaying a sponsor’s logos. Also, cart bags may not be able to hold as many golf accessories.

A carry-on is a type of golf bag that is significantly smaller and lighter than tour and cart bags. This type of bag is designed to be carried around the course by the actual golfer rather than an assistant. Some types of golf carry bags include a tripod-like stand so the golfer doesn’t have to put the bag directly on the ground and can access the golf clubs at a comfortable height. These bags include straps and can be carried over the shoulder and can sometimes be worn like a backpack.

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