What’s a Jackline?

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A jackline is a safety device on boats that helps prevent sailors from falling overboard. It consists of rigging on both sides of the boat and is used with a safety harness. The traditional rope or steel cable design has been replaced with flat nylon webbing for better security. The jackline can be left in place or stowed away when not in use, but sailors should regularly check it for damage. To use the jackline, a sailor puts on a safety harness and attaches it to the line with a carabiner.

A jackline is safety equipment on a boat that sailors can use to reduce the risk of falling overboard. It consists of a length of rigging on both sides of the boat running from bow to stern. Sailors can stick to the jack line with a safety harness when conditions are bad and there are concerns about falls. If a sailor loses his balance and falls, the jackline will keep him from going into the water and make it easier for him to get back into the boat.

Working on deck can be dangerous, even in good weather conditions. People can fall overboard if the boat launches unexpectedly or they lose their balance while performing a complex task. There is also a risk of slipping on objects left on the deck, or on patches of algae, ice, or other hazards. In bad conditions, the number of sailors on deck is limited for safety, and they may need to wear harnesses to ensure they will be safe in the event of a fall.

The traditional jackline was a rope or length of steel cable, which ran between deck-mounted cleats. One problem with this design was that if sailors stepped on the line it would roll, and this could throw them off balance. Most boats prefer to use flat nylon webbing, which sits flush against the deck or squishes under a sailor’s foot, rather than rolling. This is much more secure and is as easy to use as a cable or rope.

Some vessels may leave the jackline in place at all times, although sailors may not need to use it unless the weather is bad. This can be easier than trying to rig line in bad conditions and makes it very easy for boaters to follow safety protocols while on board. Sailors on other ships can stow it away when not actively needed, and carry it out for dangerous weather warnings or when they are taking the ship out on the open sea. In both cases, sailors should regularly check the line to make sure it’s in good shape, looking for frays, tears, and other problems.

To use the jack line, a sailor puts on a safety harness and makes sure it is snug. A harness line can be attached to the line with a carabiner or similar device. The sailor should test the line to make sure it is solid before moving around the deck.

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