What’s a maint. superintendent?

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A maintenance superintendent oversees the upkeep of a physical plant and manages a team to delegate maintenance tasks. They establish protocols and may call in outside professionals for complicated tasks. They are present during daylight hours and may live on site. Salary varies depending on experience and benefits.

A maintenance superintendent is an individual in charge of the maintenance, usually the maintenance of a physical plant, such as a building, facility, public works system, or golf course. Maintenance superintendents are responsible for keeping the facilities they supervise in good working order and, to some extent, for anticipating the needs of the people using the facility to ensure they are met. These professionals may belong to professional organizations or unions that they use to establish professional connections and maintain a high standard of job performance.

The superintendent of maintenance is highly familiar with all systems for which he is responsible. For example, the maintenance superintendent at a bus yard knows all the buses in the yard and keeps records on them to ensure they are properly maintained. In addition to knowing the facilities or machines for which he is responsible, the maintenance superintendent also manages a team, delegating maintenance tasks to team members.

Some maintenance tasks are routine and can be largely automated, requiring little attention from the maintenance superintendent. Others are more complicated or happen intermittently, requiring the maintenance superintendent to make decisions about who should do it, when it should happen, and who should perform maintenance. The superintendent of maintenance may also have the authority to call in outside professionals to help with specific maintenance tasks.

In addition to keeping records, maintenance superintendents also establish protocols used to schedule and manage maintenance tasks. These protocols dictate everything from the order in which tasks must be performed to what to do in emergency situations, and can be adjusted to accommodate the facility’s changing needs. Maintenance superintendents are also often involved with facility planning, from discussions about planned modernization to plans for hosting nightly events, as these things can directly affect maintenance crews.

Entrusted with the day-to-day running of the facilities they work in, maintenance superintendents are typically present during most of their daylight hours so they are available to answer questions, handle emergencies and oversee maintenance tasks. In some configurations, the superintendent may live on site to be available at all times.

Maintenance superintendent salary varies, depending on experience, years in the organization, job responsibilities, and so on. Many of these professionals work for government agencies and therefore are entitled to benefits that can improve their compensation, even if their hourly wages are not very high. These benefits can include access to retirement plans, health benefits, paid vacations, etc.

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