What’s a Rash Guard?

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A rash guard is a lightweight athletic shirt made from materials like nylon or polyester that protects the skin from sports-related hazards and sunburn. It can be worn alone or under a wetsuit for extra insulation and to prevent chafing. They come in various sizes and styles and can be found in sporting goods stores.

A rash guard, or rashguard, is a lightweight athletic shirt made from a material such as nylon or polyester, designed to have excellent wicking capacity. Protects skin from a variety of sports-related hazards, from chafing to sunburn. As well as being practical, these tees have also become a style statement in some parts of the world, especially in surfing communities, where they can be worn as a casual tee as well as a piece of athletic gear.

One of the main benefits of a rash guard is that the lightweight design allows it to be worn even in very hot weather. Many people like to wear clothing with built-in SPF protection in the tropics to prevent sunburn and keep them cool while surfing, snorkeling or swimming. They can also be worn for land sports such as tennis and can be worn under other clothing as well.

Classically, rash guards are worn under a wetsuit to prevent chafing. Long periods of time in a wet suit can cause skin problems, especially in salt water around areas where the suit is bent, such as the knees and elbows, with the wrinkled parts of the suit chafing and irritating the skin, but wearing a rash guard can prevent this. It also offers extra insulation for people using a wetsuit in very cold water.

In warm climates, surfers sometimes wear a rash guard alone without a wetsuit, using it for protection from the elements without the bulk and discomfort of a wetsuit. You may also see these garments used in some martial arts, which protect people from chafing and reduce the amount of time sweat stays next to the skin by absorbing it.

Rash Guards come in a variety of sizes and styles and need to be loose and snug to be fully functional. You can find sleeveless versions along with those with sleeves of various lengths at many sporting goods stores, especially those that cater to surfers, and they come in children’s and adult sizes. If sunburn is a concern, check to make sure the product has an SPF rating, which indicates it has been tested and approved for UV protection.

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