What’s a rebounder?

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Rebounding on a trampoline is a popular exercise for both physical and mental health benefits. It provides a cardiovascular workout, tones the body, and can improve mental energy. Rebounding requires minimal equipment and can be done alone or in a group, even incorporating aerial tricks.

A rebounder is a sports enthusiast who employs the use of a trampoline as a means of enjoying exercise that is beneficial for both the mind and body. Many rebounders enjoy the art of rebounding as part of a daily training regimen, while others choose to participate in rebounding competitions using larger trampolines in a team setting.
Rebounding is intended to provide a number of health benefits for the rebounder. Perhaps the most commonly cited benefit is the excellent cardiovascular workout that comes with training on a trampoline. The simple action of bouncing provides an aerobic workout that’s good for the heart, allowing even people who aren’t currently up to the rigors of a traditional aerobics class to start improving overall fitness.

Part of the appeal to the rebounder is that the exercise regimen is an excellent means of toning up a number of areas of the body. Rebounding can be especially helpful in helping to firm up sections of the body after weight loss has occurred. The up and down motions that are part of the bouncing process help firm up your arms, thighs, and legs. The rebounder can also be a great way to add tone and definition to your hips and core.

It’s not unusual for a rebounder to report a feeling of renewed mental energy after spending some time on the trampoline. The repetitive action coupled with physical exertion can help relax the mind, releasing endorphins into the system and helping to achieve a more even state of mind. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to keep a small trampoline in their home. A personal device of this nature allows the rebounder to work into a twenty to thirty minute workout with great convenience, and also makes it possible to enjoy a workout in a snap.

All in all, the rebounder is able to enjoy exercise that requires very little in the way of equipment, can be enjoyed virtually anytime, and offers a world of health benefits. Along with use as a daily exercise, rebounding can also be conducted in a group setting and even turned into a competition, with rebounders incorporating some aerial tricks into the exercise routine.

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