What’s a ski rack?

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Ski and snowboard racks can be temporarily or permanently attached to a vehicle’s roof to transport equipment. Safety pads prevent damage to the car’s paint, and clips secure the rack and skis in place during transport.

The basic ski rack is a device used to secure and transport skis to the exterior roof of a vehicle. In most cases, ski racks are configured in such a way that they can temporarily secure the roof racks to the roof of the car or truck. However, there are ways to permanently attach the ski rack if desired.
Ski racks are just one type of ski rack that is often used to transport sports equipment. Along with the ski rack, snowboard racks are also popular options. Like the ski rack, a snowboard rack can be permanently or temporarily attached to the roof of your vehicle, making it easy to transport your gear for a weekend getaway to the mountains.

One of the major concerns people have about installing a rack is that the device will damage the paintwork on the roof of the car. While this is possible if the rack is not installed properly, most rack designs include safety pads that help act as a buffer between the rack frame and the finish of the paint job. If the bearings are properly aligned before the rack is snapped into place, the chances of scratching the paint are minimal at best.

General installation of a ski rack usually takes no more than a few minutes. After aligning the protective pads and positioning the rack body in place, the entire frame is secured with the aid of a set of clips. The clips on the rack allow you to securely attach the device to the gasket. The non-slip nature of the clips means that the rack will stay in place until it is time to remove the device from the roof of the car.

Similarly, clips are used to secure the skis to the rack. By placing the skis on the rack according to the manufacturer’s instructions, simple clips can be used to grip the skis, so they do not move during transport. By unlocking the clip it is easy to retrieve the skis for use.

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