What’s a Trail a Bike?

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Trail a Bike is a detachable children’s bike attachment that turns a regular bike into a tandem bike. It is flexible, cost-effective, and safe for small children. It has an extra wheel, lower center of gravity, and an extra chain for exercise. It is suitable for children aged 8 and under and comes in various designs and colors.

A Trail a Bike is a brand name for a children’s bike attachment that attaches to a regular bike. In fact, it makes the bike, effectively, a tandem bike, although the attachment isn’t permanent. In these cases it can be used when a child is riding and removed when the cyclist wishes to go alone.
The ability to detach a Trail a Bike makes it a very flexible piece of equipment to own. It allows the individual bike owner to choose a single bike or, essentially, a tandem without the added expense and maintenance of having two separate bikes. Therefore, it can help save some money, especially given the price of some tandem bikes.

The children’s bike attachment also has another advantage, especially for small children. While many may be able to drive themselves, street driving requires a certain level of experience and maturity that many children have not yet developed. Therefore, Trail A Bike is also a safety feature, allowing the adult opposite to have complete control of the situation at all times. This should offer some parents peace of mind.

While there are other types of attachments that can be placed on bicycles to accommodate one more rider than a child, the Trail a Bike has a number of benefits. First, the extra wheel on the bike helps keep things more stabilized. The fact that it puts the child at a much lower center of gravity adds to the stabilizing factor of the Trail a Bike&trade. Third, there’s an extra chain and set of wheels so your child can also get some exercise and help carry the load.

A Trail a Bike is for children aged 8 and under, although younger children in older age groups may continue to ride. However, it is thought that once children are over the age of 8, they should be able to follow parental directions when they are off the road. Introducing people under the age of 8 to good cycling habits and the enjoyment of the activity can stimulate a lifelong interest in cycling.

Because the Trail A Bike was created with the family in mind, the design of the tandem attachment system was carefully planned to meet the needs of the family. For example, the Trail A Bike folds up and fits easily into most trunks. Plus, there’s a huge range of designs and colors to choose from, so every family should find something that works with their existing bikes.

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