What’s a treadmill wrench?

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A treadmill key is a safety feature that connects the user to the machine and stops the belt if the key is removed. Different types of keys exist, but they all serve the same purpose. Some users may find it inconvenient to use the key, but not using it can be dangerous.

A treadmill key is a security feature employed by the vast majority of modern motorized treadmills. It works similar to the safety key on a jet ski or other machine where it is possible for the user to fall off. The key itself allows the treadmill to run and is on one end of a cable, the other end of which is connected to the user. Removing the key indicates that there may have been an accident and activates the safety feature of the treadmill which prevents further belt movement.

While different brands of treadmills require a specific size and shape of the treadmill key, the basic function of the key is the same. Most treadmill keys clip onto the user’s clothing, but some may have a bracelet on one end that can be worn around the wrist. The treadmill requires constant contact with the treadmill key to stay on, and if the key is removed, the treadmill will immediately stop moving and turn off to prevent injury to the user in the event of a trip. or dropped from the belt.

The way the treadmill key attaches to the treadmill can vary by make and model. Some are in the form of a small, thin card that you insert into a slot on the treadmill, and when combined by pressing an “on” or “start” button, turn on the treadmill and allow the belt to move. . Other makes and models use a magnetic treadmill key, which is easier to remove from the magnetic pad on the treadmill interface and may be more sensitive to movements, including accidental drops, that pull the cable upwards. a side. This type is slightly less convenient for the user because it is easier to accidentally hit the magnet on the pad, interrupting the workout, but it also keeps the user safer from injury from falling to the side of the treadmill. They are also generally less likely to break and need replacement than the card type.

Unfortunately, many users either do not feel it is necessary to use the treadmill key or feel that it is too inconvenient to strap it to the wrist or clip it to a pocket or sleeve. If the user falls without using the treadmill key, there will be no signal to stop the treadmill motor and the belt will continue to move. This can be dangerous if a foot or other body part or an item of clothing becomes caught under the belt or gets caught under the machine. Also, tripping and falling when the belt is moving at high speeds can cause the user to be thrown backwards off the end of the machine into a wall or whatever is positioned behind the treadmill.

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