What’s an Arab horse?

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The Arabian horse is a well-known and respected breed, originating from the Arabian peninsula. They are recognized for their unique appearance, speed, endurance, and intelligence. The breed’s popularity has inspired many other breeds, and it remains a favorite among horse enthusiasts.

The Arabian horse is one of the best known and most respected breeds. Of all the horse breeds we have today, the Arabian is among the oldest, which means that it was one of the first modern breeds to come into being. These horses come from the Arabian peninsula, from which they got their name.
Arabians are very graceful and unique looking horses, making them easy to recognize even for beginners. The Arabian horse typically has a very thin, delicately boned head and face. The narrow nose, flared nostrils and aristocratic concave profile are highly recognizable. Arabs also tend to be smaller than many other breeds, averaging about 14 to 15 hands when measured at the withers, the bony ridge along the horse’s spine where the mane ends. One hand equals four inches, so the average Arab is no more than five feet tall at the withers.

Although the Arabian horse is a bit small, it is also known for its speed, agility and endurance. Because Arabians are warm-blooded horses, meaning they are smaller and more lightly muscled than cold-blooded horses such as draft horses, their muscles are able to cool down faster. As a result, Arabs tire less easily and often run very long distances. This quality has made this horse a very popular choice for people knowledgeable about horses.

Another quality that contributes to the Arab’s popularity is his personality. Although Arabians are often known as high-strung horses, they are also gentle and intelligent. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, while their kind and amiable natures make them easier to bond with their owners and handlers. The result is a horse that learns quickly and is eager to please.

The star of Walter Farley’s book The Black Stallion is probably the best-known Arabian horse in popular culture. The Black Stallion is a children’s novel about a boy who is stranded on a deserted island where he befriends a wild Arabian stallion and, when he is rescued, takes the horse home with him. The book became very popular after it was published in 1941 and inspired a whole series of books about this popular Arab and his progeny.

The Arabian horse has been so influential on horse breeding over the centuries that many other breeds, such as the Thoroughbred and the Missouri Fox Trotter, were created by mixing Arabians with other breeds. To this day, the Arabian horse remains the favorite breed of many horses.

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