What’s an RV trailer?

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RV trailers are small and compact travel trailers that can be towed by any type of vehicle. They feature a collapsible frame with canvas stretched over it, creating a tent suspended off the ground. They are ideal for short-term camping trips and offer comfort and convenience, including storage space and electrical devices. They are a great option for families who enjoy camping and want a more authentic experience.

RV trailers are relatively small and compact travel trailers that can be towed using virtually any type of automobile or truck. Sometimes referred to as a pop-up, the RV trailer features a combination of wood or metal base paired with canvas stretched over a collapsible frame. When you reach a campsite, the canvas is unfolded and the frame hooks into the base, essentially creating a tent suspended off the ground.

The camper trailer is considered an ideal option for weekend camping trips and other short-term trips. As long as the camp area can be accessed via a road, the trailer can be towed to the site and set up in moments. Most trailers of this type have enough room for at least two people to sleep comfortably when the canvas is unfolded. Thanks to the base of the trailer, sleeping bags or even air mattresses can be used with ease, helping to ensure a restful sleep.

The camper trailer allows you to enjoy all the fun of camping in a tent without the need to find a level spot to pitch the tent, drive nails into the ground to support the structure and all the other small tasks that go into setting up a tent of canvas. With the RV trailer, you simply need to unfold the frame and snap it into place. The canvas cover attached to the frame rarely requires any sort of ropes or other supports to keep it in shape.

Because the RV awning is off the ground, there’s also less concern about reptiles or other wildlife making their way into the sleeping area. This can be especially important when taking small children on a weekend camping trip.

While simpler and a little more primitive than other travel options, today’s RV trailers often include equipment that allows you to use a small refrigerator, fans, and other electrical devices that bring comfort or convenience to your trip. As long as a power source is available at the campsite, the devices can be plugged in and used for as long as needed. Because canvas frames tend to extend beyond the dimensions of the base section, there is ample storage space inside the tent. This makes it much easier to use floor space to greater effect.

For families who enjoy camping and don’t want to maintain a large RV, the light and simple camper trailer is a great option. The trailer takes up relatively little space when not in use, can be towed by even a small car, and requires little more than general maintenance. Plus, the inclusion of the canvas tent helps make the expedition feel more like an actual camping trip, a sense that might be missing when using an RV for the weekend.

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