What’s bow tuning?

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Tuning a bow is important for accuracy in hunting and shooting. It involves matching the bow’s performance to personal standards. New bows need to be broken in before tuning. Experts have conflicting opinions on how to tune a bow. Seeking professional help is recommended for those new to the sport.

In both bow hunting and competitive shooting, a marksman must rely on the performance of his bow for an accurate shot. For this reason, an experienced hunter or shooter chooses to tune their bow. Much like tuning an instrument to intonation, when people tune a bow they are trying to match its performance to their own specific standards. Some people choose to tune their bow while others hire a professional.

There are several recommendations for the steps to take to tune a bow and some vary according to opinion. However, one constant that most experts agree on is that there is no point in tuning a bow before it has been broken in. A new bow or one with new strings and cables would have to be fired several times to break it and stretch the new strings. Beyond this important factor, many experts have conflicting opinions about the right way to tune a bow.

The importance of fine-tuning a bow is lost on some shooters, but true sportsmen and women appreciate their sport enough to recognize how taking care of your equipment and adjusting it to your own standards greatly enhances your experience and success. However, many people new to the sport lack the knowledge or ability to tune a bow.

Because so much attention is paid to detail in tuning, it can feel daunting to tune a bow for the first time. If a bow is behaving unpredictably, such as arrows not flying straight or not reaching distance or the release is catching, it may not be a bad bow, it may just need to be tuned. To properly tune a bow, attention is paid to the individual parts, including the tiller, rest, nocking points and sights, as well as the combined performance of all parts.

For those wishing to do it themselves, there are numerous articles written by experienced bow hunters and shooters that provide detailed steps on how to tune a bow. Since every bow is different, it is best to research the subject from several sources before attempting to make changes to a single bow. For those who lack the time, experience or knowledge or are new to the sport, it is best to seek the services of a professional. Seek recommendations from experienced bow hunters and check with sporting goods stores for referrals.

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