What’s corp outsourcing?

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Corporate outsourcing of core functions such as payroll, accounting, human resources, and marketing can save businesses time and money, especially for small companies. Outsourcing can also help smaller companies appear larger and more competent in their industry.

Corporate outsourcing is the strategy of guaranteeing suppliers the management of specific tasks associated with the continuous operation of the company. There are several core functions that are often outsourced by companies large and small, enabling businesses to save money and divert resources to other areas of the operation. These core functions include different accounting processes, marketing and public relations, and human resources.

One of the most popular forms of corporate outsourcing has to do with payroll processing. By hiring the services of a competent payroll service, it is possible to appoint a person in the company to manage even large payrolls which include different pay schedules for hourly and salaried employees. After providing the provider with the basic information, the data on the client’s file is used to process payroll, calculate employer taxes, withhold employee taxes, cut checks, and manage direct deposits into employees’ bank accounts. Outsourcing business processes of this type can save even small businesses a significant amount of resources in terms of time and money.

General accounting functions is a type of corporate outsourcing that is particularly attractive to small businesses. Outsourcing the process of creating and maintaining payables and receivables, processing payments to vendors, issuing invoices to customers, and applying payments to outstanding invoices requires precision and time during the business day. For business owners just starting out, outsourcing accounting functions makes it possible to focus on promoting and growing the company rather than having to spend time every day on paperwork.

Another common option in corporate outsourcing has to do with human resources. Rather than maintaining an entire department, a single human resources manager will interface with a provider that helps keep the company abreast of any new regulations relating to employees and employee rights. The third-party partner can also help mitigate employee disputes and also assist with maintaining personnel records, including issuing commendations or some type of written disciplinary action.

Today, many companies contract with independent public relations and marketing firms instead of handling these functions in-house. Corporate outsourcing of this type allows the company to focus on other matters while professionals handle all the details related to market research and creation of promotional campaigns. Because the third-party partner has access to features that would cost the customer a lot of money to acquire, there are significant savings in this approach. Additionally, marketing specialists bring a wealth of experience to the table, something many small and medium-sized businesses find difficult to bring to the task.

Business outsourcing is especially advantageous for smaller companies, as the use of vendor partners can help proprietary companies and other smaller entities appear much larger than they actually are. In industries where size is equated with competence, this can allow new businesses or companies that want to stay smaller to compete with significantly larger companies. This is especially true when the outsourcing partner is willing to provide private label services and present itself as part of the client’s business.

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