What’s equipment leasing?

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Equipment leasing allows companies or individuals to use equipment without the liability of ownership. It is useful for temporary needs and can provide access to up-to-date equipment. Leasing also offers tax benefits and easy replacement in case of malfunction. It is available for various industries and can be converted into a new lease if both parties agree.

Equipment leasing is the process of securing the use of computers, machines and other types of equipment through a lease agreement. By entering into a contract to use the equipment for a specified period, a company or individual can enjoy the benefits of use without the liability of ownership. Entering an equipment-related lease is especially useful when the need for a particular piece of equipment is only temporary.

Many industries make use of equipment leasing. In some cases, choosing to lease machinery and other necessary components is an ideal situation for a new business or an established business with very little working capital. Rather than investing large amounts of limited resources, leasing necessary components makes it possible to secure more up-to-date equipment and focus on the task of expanding the business.

There are other advantages associated with leasing commercial or office equipment. One has to do with paying taxes. Since the equipment is only rented and not owned by the entity that owns the computers or other machines, the company is not responsible for taxes on the items. This can help keep taxes owed to a minimum, freeing up more revenue to invest in some aspect of business expansion.

Equipment leasing is also an easy way to gain access to the latest copy machines, fax machines and many other types of equipment. Many lease agreements include provisions that allow the exchange of older equipment for newer versions, if both parties agree to the exchange. This option can be extremely useful when a business has outgrown the capabilities of older rental equipment and requires something more robust to keep up with the company’s growth.

Another advantage related to renting office or business equipment is the easy replacement in case of malfunction. Typically, an equipment leasing company will schedule regular maintenance on leased machines as part of the basic lease agreement. However, if the machinery fails and repairs cannot be managed on site, the leasing company will usually deliver a replacement at no additional cost to the lessee. This benefit means that there is minimal productivity lost due to breakage.

There are other forms of equipment leasing that are not related to office machines in general. It is possible to rent heavy agricultural equipment, as well as contract medical equipment leasing. In all contracts of this type, both parties agree to the terms and conditions specified in the contract and are bound by those terms for the duration of the contract. However, the original lease agreement can be converted into a new lease if both parties agree to the change.

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