What’s glass fusing?

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Glass fusing involves heating glass in a kiln to a soft point, allowing it to be manipulated into various objects. It is easier to learn than glassblowing and can create anything from necklaces to bowls. Safety equipment is necessary, and compatible glass must be used to avoid cracking or exploding. Supplies can be obtained through catalogs or glass fusing companies, and classes and workshops are available for those interested.

Glass fusing is a glassmaking technique that involves heating glass in a furnace until it reaches a soft point, which allows the user to manipulate the glass in a variety of ways. This method of working glass is sometimes known as kiln forming or hot glass, referring to the fact that the glass is worked in a kiln and the operating temperatures are far lower than those used in glassblowing. A wide variety of objects can be produced through fusing glass, ranging from necklaces to bowls, and the craft is much easier to learn than glassblowing.

The “hot” of hot glass is between 1,100 and 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit (600 and 925 degrees Celsius). At these temperatures, glass softens enough that when the glass pieces are heated and pressed together, they fuse into one seamless piece. This is the principle behind glass fusing. Some people use the term “glass melting” to refer specifically to melting glass, reserving other terms for bending and shaping hot glass, while others use the term generally to talk about any type of kiln forming technique.

People may use glass fusing to heat glass and fuse it with other pieces of glass to create layered pieces and patterns, and they may also explore slumping, in which hot glass can collapse into a mold to create a patterned piece. At the high end of the temperature scale, the glass is soft enough to be poured directly into glass casting molds, a glassmaking method that can be used to create a large number of glass objects.

Melting glass requires a variety of supplies, including a furnace and tools for working with glass. It is also important to have safety equipment such as heavy gloves and fire resistant aprons so that people can work safely around the glass kiln. Glass fusing is also based on the use of compatible glass; if the wrong types of glass are mixed, the piece can crack or explode due to different cooling patterns and densities.

Fusing supplies can be obtained through arts and crafts catalogs and glass fusing companies. People interested in exploring smelting can take classes and workshops to learn the ropes and access a kiln. Art and craft centers and universities sometimes offer such glasses, and arrangements can sometimes be made for people not enrolled in classes to have access to the kiln. Artist co-ops may also maintain kilns for their members to use.

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