What’s Hot Potato game?

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Hot potato is a children’s game where participants pass an object around a circle, trying not to be holding it when the music stops. Variations can be created for any theme or situation, and it’s popular for parties and schools. It’s easy to play outdoors and can help improve catching skills. Prizes are suggested, and the game is enjoyed by younger children.

Hot potato is a children’s game similar to musical chairs, where participants sit in a circle and pass a potato, or any other object, around the circle as quickly as possible. The object of the game is not to be the one holding the potato when the music stops. This game is popular for entertaining large groups of children at parties, schools, or other events that include children.

Although hot potato was originally played with a real potato, today there are many variations of hot potato and no single version is the right way to play. The word “hot” is the keyword in every variation, as players don’t want to hold onto their “potato” any longer than is possible. Variations can be created to suit almost any theme and any situation.

A game of hot potato is easy to play with large groups of kids outdoors. Players can even stand up if space permits. It’s not uncommon for PE teachers to play this game with younger children using a ball to help them improve their catching skills.

The hot potato is by no means limited to the outdoors. The variations, also called passa la patata or passa la pumpkin, are great ideas for school parties. You can easily create a themed version of the game for Halloween. Have the children sit in a circle and give one child a small pumpkin. The teacher can play Halloween music, but she shouldn’t be looking at the children’s circle.

When the music starts, the children pass the gourd around the circle in one direction. When the teacher stops the music, the gourd holder is “out”. He or she leaves the circle and the game continues until only one person remains.
You can create similar versions for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or a birthday party. The hot potato can be adapted to any child’s party. It is highly suggested that all players receive a small prize for playing, such as a candy or trinket, and the winner may be provided with a slightly larger prize. Depending on the size of the group, you can divide the children into two separate circles to make the game go faster.

No matter which variant of hot potato you play, standing or sitting, kids enjoy the excitement and anticipation of not getting caught with the “potato”. It’s a sure crowd-pleaser among younger children.

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