What’s HR staff?

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HR management can be handled in-house or outsourced to a staffing firm. The process involves recruiting, screening, and testing candidates to fill open positions. Effective staffing is crucial for a business’s success and HR personnel must have strong interpersonal skills and be resourceful.

HR personnel (HR) refers to managing the people aspect of running a business by having adequate employees available to carry out the tasks. HR management is often performed by an in-house team of recruitment and hiring specialists. However, human capital management is often handled by an outsourced staffing firm that provides services to source, screen, test and evaluate new employees prior to placement in critical roles within a corporate environment.

In many companies, having an HR department to handle various aspects of the recruiting and employment processes is sufficient to manage operations. Within the HR department, a team of recruiters can use available resources to search for suitable candidates for job postings. Once candidates are identified, internal recruiters screen resumes and conduct pre-employment interviews and testing to determine if candidates have the skills needed to be hired with the company. Applicants who pass this stage are then offered jobs and are processed according to legal guidelines for employment.

In other companies, due to lack of resources or in order to reduce administrative costs, HR personnel functions are outsourced to an employment service provider. In many cases, staffing is managed by an independent off-site employment service or staffing firm. Staffing firm recruiters search, screen and process all job applicants; matching them with open positions based on individual skills and aptitudes. This process is further enhanced by the payroll and training services offered by the staffing company.

HR staffing is a vital aspect of being able to meet the needs of the market economy. Having a robust HR staffing system also reduces turnover which can be a problem in many tough industries. Without a steady stream of qualified candidates, open vacancies cannot be filled and a business may be unable to produce goods or services in a timely and efficient manner. Effective staffing enables a company to quickly turn open positions into productive team members and consequently increase overall profitability.

A career in HR personnel is generally a good option for HR generalists who have above-average interpersonal skills. The most viewed job titles are recruiters, employment specialists and hiring managers. In addition to a solid background in HR related procedures, jobs for HR personnel must be resourceful, adaptable and use a great deal of networking and common sense to source quality candidates and the patience to work with a variety of clients stimulants in a short time.

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