What’s Ice Fishing?

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Ice fishing involves catching fish from a frozen body of water by cutting a hole in the ice. Anglers can sit outside or inside a heated cabin. Equipment needed includes a saw, ice shovel or auger, fishing rods, and fish lures. Specialized sonar systems and underwater cameras can enhance the experience.

Ice fishing is a sport that involves catching fish from a frozen lake or other body of water. Before going ice fishing on a body of water, the angler should make sure that the ice is at least four inches thick to ensure his safety. The fisherman must then cut a hole in the ice surface to drop a fishing line into the body of water.

When ice fishing, an angler may sit outside in the cold on a stool with nothing but warm clothing to provide protection. In some cases, however, the angler may sit inside a heated cabin located on the ice. These cabins are referred to by a variety of names, such as fish house, ice shack, bobhouse, and ice shack. They may include berths, cooking equipment, and light, and are usually used on a multi-day ice fishing trip. To set up an ice hut for ice fishing, you need to use a snowmobile or a truck to drag it to the fishing location.

To go ice fishing, the fisherman needs a saw, ice shovel or auger to drill the hole in the ice. Sometimes, a strainer may also be needed to remove new ice that forms while drilling or ice fishing. The types of fishing rods needed for ice fishing depend on the fish the angler hopes to catch.

A small and light rod is used for jigging for fish. An angler may also use a flip rod when ice fishing. This rod is ideal for the angler who does not want to deal completely with the fishing rod. The angler can also use a spear instead of a reel for ice fishing. In order to be able to use a spear for ice fishing, the angler also needs fish lures to lure the fish into the hole in the ice.

Even anglers who are serious about ice fishing can use a flashlight. A flasher is a specialized sonar system that can tell an angler how deep fish are in the water. The fisherman can also use underwater cameras to observe the fish. This can add an interesting aspect to the sport of ice fishing as the angler can observe how the fish react to various lures and to being caught.

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