What’s Landscaping Brick?

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Landscaping brick is a versatile material used for outdoor design, including walkways, driveways, patios, walls, and garden borders. Brick contractors offer various options, including different shapes, sizes, and colors. The sand mix fills spaces between bricks to ensure stability. Brick landscaping adds style and definition to yards, and can increase curb appeal. Brick is durable and stands up to various weather conditions.

Landscaping brick is a block-like material used in residential or commercial exterior landscape design. There are many different shapes and sizes of brick as well as a wide range of landscaping projects. Landscaping brick can be used in creating walkways, driveways, patios, steps, walls, pool decks and garden borders.
A brick contractor usually offers clients many different options for landscape design. Just placing bricks can give a different look to the same driveway or patio. For example, a herringbone landscape brick pattern features bricks angled at the edge from a center line, while fan masonry patterns have semi-circular shapes that overlap each other.

Landscaping brick contractors typically plan several different brick layouts for homeowners to choose from. For example, if a homeowner wants a masonry contractor to build a brick deck for an outdoor swimming pool, the contractors will often present several options in the sizes, colors and shapes of bricks to use. Once the homeowner has made their decision, contractors usually lay the exterior frame first and then fill the brick pattern. The sand mix is ​​used to fill the spaces between the bricks to keep the finished brick landscape piece sturdy.

The look and texture of landscaping brick varies widely. In addition to the classic reddish-toned porous bricks, there are flatter, light-colored types of shingle bricks, as well as many other styles. Flagstone is a large, flat, irregularly shaped landscaping material that is especially popular for walkways because of its eye-catching dark color that contrasts well with grassy lawns.

Using brick landscaping can be an ideal way to give style and definition to yards that are basically large expanses of grass. For example, flowers can be planted in brick-built containers in a backyard area. A brick path can divide the flower boxes from the rest of the yard. A brick driveway and brick steps can add extra cohesion to brick landscape accents.

Masonry driveways or post walls can add great appeal to a home. Curb appeal means that a home’s front exterior looks appealing to most people, including prospective homebuyers. Even a small brick walkway and some masonry planters can make a home more attractive. Like green landscapes, landscaping bricks can create interesting accents to look at; just as the difference between two planters near the front door can make all the difference, so can brick rather than concrete steps. Brick is also a durable material that stands up well to many different weather conditions.

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