What’s masonry?

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Masonry involves installing or restoring brick structures, from basic stacking to advanced projects like adding siding or landscaping. Skilled masons use tools like trowels and wet saws to lay bricks in rows, staggered for strength. Masonry can also be used for non-building elements like patios and fireplaces. Masonry contractors can change the look of a structure with different techniques and designs. Restoration involves replacing damaged bricks and grout to prevent future water damage and preserve historic structures.

Masonry is the process of installing or restoring brick houses, walls, or other structures. In its most basic form, masonry is simply stacking bricks in even rows with mortar used to hold the units together. More advanced projects include adding brick siding or landscaping to a home or building. Finally, masonry can also include restoring historic brick structures to their former glory by replacing damaged brick and mortar. Each of these projects requires the work of a skilled mason along with a variety of special tools and equipment.

New masonry involves laying bricks in rows, or courses, to form a wall or building. Traditionally, this job involves building a double layer of bricks with a cavity in between to build the basic shell of a house. The bricks along each row are staggered for strength and stability, and the top and bottom of each brick is buttered with cement mortar to form a tight bond. The worker relies on trowels to add mortar and wet saws to cut the brick to the desired size to complete each row. This type of work is usually done on scaffolding or elevators.

Workers can also use brick to add an attractive finish to the exterior walls of an existing structure. In this case, the brick serves as a siding form and is secured to the primary structure using brick metal sleepers. Most modern brick homes are actually built with this technique and include only a single layer of brick instead of the double layer of the past.

Brick can also be used to construct non-building elements. Brick patios and landscaping walls can last many years and can be used to complement a variety of design styles. Masonry can also include internal structures such as a brick fireplace or floor inside the house.

Masonry contractors can change the look of a brick structure using a variety of techniques. They may combine different colors or sizes of brick, or simply rotate different bricks as they move along a course or row. Different brick designs can also be achieved based on the layout of the brick, including herringbone and basket-weave patterns.

Over time, the existing masonry may require restoration or finishing to reduce the effects of water and weather damage. This typically involves removing the old grout and any damaged bricks, then replacing them with new units and fresh grout. By restoring brick structures in this way, masons prevent future water damage and help preserve historic structures.

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