What’s presentation logic?

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Software development is divided into presentation, database, and business logic. Presentation logic manages user browsing experience with navigation tools. It works with business logic to complete a process. Human factors engineering studies human interaction with computers. Game programming is a complex example of presentation logic, and modern gaming applications create virtual environments for an interactive experience.

Most software development is divided into three general areas. These are presentation, database and business logic. Presentation logic is software logic designed specifically for computer application screens. This logic manages the user’s browsing experience with special navigation tools including buttons, scroll bars, and touch screen controls.

The presentation logic of a computer application is what makes the computer respond to commands. When a user selects a button on their computer screen, they expect the application to perform a specific task. This logic allows software to accept a user’s request and convert it into computer programming logic.

Software architecture is the art of designing a complete computer application. This includes the basic screen flow and presentation logic of a computer program. Screen design is usually based on a specific hardware platform to ensure that the screen fits the dimensions and characteristics of the hardware device.

Smartphones have become a popular computing device. The presentation logic of a smartphone allows the user to send emails, take photos and manage music. This logic is responsible for coordinating user interactions with the smartphone device and the software inside the phone.

The presentation layer of a computer application works closely with business logic. Business logic is the specific process that the application is supposed to complete. This screen flow ensures that the application interacts seamlessly with user commands to complete an entire process.

Human factors engineering is the scientific study of human interactions with a computer. This science focuses on developing computer applications that are more intuitive to humans. Human factors work closely with the presentation logic of a computer program because the presentation layer is the interactive portal to a computer program.
Game programming is one of the best examples of presentation logic for computer software in practice. These programs are designed to take input from game controllers and force on-screen characters to perform tasks. The presentation layer of a game program is one of the most complicated parts of the developed software code. It must react perfectly to the user’s movement with a response time of fractions of a second.
Many modern computer applications can respond to human movement through special cameras and infrared devices. These gaming applications have created virtual environments that make users feel like they are inside the real gaming system. This has revolutionized the logic of presenting game programming into an interactive experience.

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