What’s sewer cleaning?

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Sewer outlets provide access to clear blockages in the sewer line. Homeowners are responsible for side blockages and cleaning, while city employees handle larger clearances. It’s important to know the location of sewer cleaners and keep them clear. A plumber’s snake or hydraulic camera can be used to clean blockages. Homeowners should notify renters of the location of the clean sewer. City employees can clear blockages in the city’s portion of the sewer system. If a home’s sewer connection is backing up, it may be time to call the city for help.

A clear sewer is a plugged pipe that provides access to a sewer line, allowing people to clear blockages in the sewer. In many regions, sewer outlets are found along the side sewer line, the sewer line that connects a home’s plumbing system to the municipal plumbing system. Side blockages and sewer cleaning are the owner’s responsibility. Large sewer clearances are also located along the municipal sewer system so that water and sewer employees can clear blockages in the city’s portion of the sewer system.

Most homeowners are concerned with the cleanliness of their properties. Sewer cleaners are often located near every house on a property and at the property line, providing several points of access. It’s a good idea to know where each one is, and to keep the surrounding area clear so that cleaning areas can be accessed quickly. When a blockage occurs, quick access can be critical to preventing overflow. In snow-prone regions, a sewer may be placed in a basement, so that it is accessible in the winter months.

The pipe can usually be opened by hand or with a wrench and cleaned with the use of a plumber’s snake or augur, a tool that consists of a long coiled cable attached to a large head. The head is pushed into the pipe and the reel is pushed, forcing the head through the blockage to free it and promoting a free flow of materials through the sewer line. It is also possible to investigate a blockage with the use of a hydraulic camera.

Homeowners should also notify renters of the location of the clean sewer so renters can get to it quickly in an emergency. If a homeowner doesn’t know where the sewer is, a city employee or licensed plumber may be able to locate it. In case one hasn’t been installed, homeowners usually need to apply for an installation license and then hire a plumber to install one, although some cities install them for free as a service to their customers.

Sewer outlets on city properties tend to have larger openings, reflecting the increased diameter of city pipes. City employees can use snakes and other equipment to clear blockages that have developed in the city’s sewer system. If lockdowns repeat in a given area, city employees can ask neighboring residents to exercise more discretion over the materials they unload.

If it appears that a home’s sewer connection is backing up, the water should be shut off and the cause of the backup investigated. The problem is often found in the sideline, and a quick visit to a sewer cleaner will fix the problem. If the plumbing continues to be clogged, it may be time to call the city and report a sewer blockage on their side of the property line.

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