Where’s he in pronghorn hunt?

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Pronghorn hunting in western North America requires a license and may involve a draw. Hunters can use vehicles to find the animals, which live in flat terrain. Pronghorn hunting season varies by region and the animals are visible during the day. The small size of the animal means large caliber rifles are not necessary. Pronghorn meat spoils quickly and hunters may need to dress and slaughter the animal themselves.

Pronghorns are a type of antelope that lives in western North America. Hunters can opt for a photo shoot with a private company or obtain a license when needed that allows them to hunt on public land or on private land with the landowner’s permission. Because pronghorns prefer open, grassland-like landscapes, the hunter may need a vehicle to find the antelope before a stalk.

Laws governing pronghorn hunting vary by state or province in Canada or the United States, although a hunter typically requires a license. Sometimes it may have to participate in a draw for a license, especially on publicly owned habitat. Private hunting companies may include taxes and licenses in the package price offered to hunters.

Only certain areas of North America have pronghorn populations. These include Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada and Wyoming in the United States. Pronghorn hunting season typically begins in September, but varies by region.
The animals live in flat terrain, which helps them see predators from a distance, but also helps human hunters spot antelope from vehicles. Four-wheel drive vehicles can be useful in pronghorn hunting, as hunters don’t need to walk miles to find appropriate animals to shoot. This advantage can mean that hunters don’t have to be in the best physical condition to pursue an antelope. The stalking portion, however, does involve some walking.

Hunters do not need to be in ambush position in the dawn hours, as the antelopes are visible and moving during the day. A hunter can catch an antelope in one day. Overnight camping is not essential, but hunting companies may offer trips lasting several days, but where accommodation and dinner may not be included in the price. Pronghorn hunting also does not require large caliber rifles, as the animals are relatively small. The small size also makes the draft antelope easy to dress up and carry on your vehicle.

In the field, pronghorn antelope meat can spoil more quickly than other game meats, as the season tends to start during warm weather and the animal’s digestive system can affect the quality of the meat. In-vehicle refrigerators can help prevent spoilage. Hunting societies may not include the cost of setting up the field or slaughtering the animal, so a hunter on one of these trips may have to do this himself.

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