Who are the bleacher creatures in baseball?

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The Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium are known for their aggressive chants, songs, and jeers towards both the Yankees and opposing teams. They are especially hostile towards the rival Boston Red Sox and have a tradition of roll call where players acknowledge them. The term “Bleacher Creature” was coined by writer Filip Bondy. Alcohol is banned from the bleachers due to a more diverse crowd.

Due to the competitive nature of professional sports, fans tend to be extremely invested in their favorite team. The Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium have their own unique way of getting involved with the New York Yankees and have become something of a legend in professional sports. Occupying large sections of the right field bleachers, the Bleacher Creatures use chants, songs, cheers and jeers to make their presence known to both their beloved Yankees and the opposing team’s right field.

The Bleacher Creatures are known throughout the league as extremely aggressive fans. They are especially angry at the rival Boston Red Sox, as well as any team the Yankees have faced in a World Series. Teams that are less dangerous to the Yankees receive less aggressive chanting and taunting, but the Bleacher Creatures are generally rambunctious at every game, even going so far as to address their taunts at Yankee fans in the courts. One of the major staples of Bleacher Creature land is the cow bell ringer. While the original cow bell ringer died in the mid 1990s, a replacement has revived the practice of banging the cow bell to initiate songs and cheers. Alcohol was banned from the bleachers as a more diverse crowd, including children, began buying tickets for the cheaper grandstand seats.

One of the most important cheers of the Bleacher Creatures is roll call. Fans in the right field bleachers begin chanting a Yankees player’s name until that player turns to acknowledge him in some way, usually with a salute. This practice started in the 1980s and continued throughout the following decades. Yankees first baseman Tino Martinez was the first Yankee to acknowledge the Bleacher Creatures during the roll call. The appeal follows a certain pattern, starting with the exteriors and moving to the interiors. The appeal does not include the pitcher or catcher, and at times the appeal will include tributes to former Yankees or recently deceased players.

The term “Bleacher Creature” was coined by writer Filip Bondy, who set out to write a story about rabid right fielder fans. Because he wrote from those fans’ point of view, he attributed the words of the book to these Bleacher Creatures; thus, the term was born. Later, Bondy wrote a book about his experiences in the right field bleachers.

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