Advantages of plastic dollhouse?

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Plastic dollhouses have many benefits, including bright colors, modern designs, more accessories, availability, and affordability. They also offer innovative furniture and details that are difficult to capture in wood. Plastic dollhouses are lighter and easier to carry, making them a better choice for children’s play.

While wooden dollhouses are popular, plastic versions can also have many benefits. Many children enjoy the bright colors and modern designs found in a good many of today’s plastic dollhouse sets. Plastic dollhouses often have more accessories included as well. They are also usually less expensive and more readily available than the wood varieties.

It is usually much easier to find plastic dollhouse models to choose from than wooden ones. A toy store may have one or two wooden dollhouses, but at least three or four plastic ones. Many of the latest licensed dolls have plastic rather than wooden houses marketed as additional collector’s accessories for them. The price difference of plastic vs. wooden dollhouses is also a strong plus. While it’s true that wooden versions are often sturdier and more durable, thicker plastic houses can be just as strong and sturdy as a wooden dollhouse.

Many non-wooden dollhouse toys often include a variety of brightly colored plastic accessories that children love such as bowls, plates, lamps and modern-style furniture. Wooden dollhouses, on the other hand, are usually more traditional in design, as they feature wooden furniture in classic styles. This can be a big plus for some adults, but children tend to prefer the colorful and innovative plastic dollhouse furniture.

Some details in such small houses aren’t as easy to capture in wood as they are in plastic. For example, very fine stripes on the window panes in a Georgian dollhouse are usually more readily available in a plastic design rather than a wooden one, unless those details are reflected in a high price on a wooden model. Shutters like those in the Cape Cod style are another dollhouse detail typically easier to find in the plastic varieties.

One of the major benefits of a plastic dollhouse that is meant to be an inexpensive toy is that parents can make children enjoy playing with it much more than a wooden dollhouse that should be kept intact for future generations. Also, many wooden houses are heavy, while plastic models tend to be much lighter. Children can therefore carry them much easier from room to room. Some plastic dollhouses even fold up for travel, while wooden ones rarely do.

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